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OTH 1000

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Automatic number plate detection

The automatic number plate detection and recognition software (ANPR) is often required in case of intelligent parking systems equipped with cameras for reason of higher security, detection of low behavior, and ... Read more

Traffic monitoring by an unmanned aerial vehicle

Road intersections cover large area which can be difficult to entirely monitor. In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for traffic monitoring and traffic data collection are used because of their ... Read more

Mobile stereo-vision based system for traffic monitoring

For one of our customers, we designed, developed, and tested a solution for traffic monitoring and vehicle counting. The system utilizes depth information which is obtained from a stereo-camera using ... Read more


Roboauto project aims to develop robotic car prototype as a platform for testing new approaches of road recognition, car control etc. (more…) Read more

Active camera tracking system for long distance targets

The project deals with research and development of technologies for intelligent optical tracking system, which will allow the detection, identification and tracking of several objects, located at the same time in ... Read more