Mobile stereo-vision based system for traffic monitoring

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For one of our customers, we designed, developed, and tested a solution for traffic monitoring and vehicle counting. The system utilizes depth information which is obtained from a stereo-camera using sparse stereo-algorithm. It is capable of measuring the speed and estimating the sizes of detected vehicle. Furthermore, each vehicle is classified into one from three categories (bike, car, truck) and a report for each measurement is automatically generated. Thanks to its compact form, the device can be easily moved and installed in various situations. The quality and robustness of detection and classification method has been proven under several real conditions.


System overview

This system identifies all types of vehicles passing through the defined region of interest in both directions and measures its speed. The presented solution offers real-time processing, high performance, mobility and extremely easy installation. It is based on noninvasive technology – two cameras and a central processing unit. The product can be fixed installed to provide continuous information and statistics about the current traffic flow, or can be used as a temporary service.


Possible applications
Monitoring of observing the traffic rules (speed limits etc.)
Congestion prediction, detection, and avoidance
Time-based traffic model analysis
Real time image broadcasting
Adaptive traffic light control

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