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RCE is capable of developing and producing market-leading, cutting-edge technologies in robotics, computer vision, and embedded systems. RCE provides end-to-end solutions fitted to the specific need of customers. The core value of company is technology innovation; therefore, RCE supports and cooperates on various academic projects (e.g. Roboauto, TU Brno Racing, etc.). The main company mission is to help you develop, implement and improve new or non-traditional approaches and put them into practice.

Our Skills
Robotics 100%
Camera vision 100%
Embedded systems 100%

The RCE systems have been established at the end of the 2013. To date, we have successfully finished four projects in the field of computer vision and robotics; always with great results! In order to cover all the customer needs, RCE is continuously growing and establishing amazing partnerships with leading companies, universities, and community-based organizations.

03/2014 – developed library for number plate detection
02/2014 – designed and produced a prototype of parachute automatic activation device for UAV
01/2014 – realized a mobile stereo-vision based system for traffic monitoring
01/2014 – realized a system for vehicle detection and tracking from UAV
01/2014 – started development of autonomous vehicle (expected completion in 2015)
10/2013 – started development of the fire superstructure control system (expected completion in 2015)
10/2013 – establishment of the company
Team members
Aleš Marvan

received bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Brno University of Technology. He started his Ph.D. research in Fall 2010, when he has been involved in various projects from the industry, including sensoric systems, industrial robotics, and embedded systems.

David Herman

received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in informatics from Brno University of Technology. His research interests include computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. He has worked on numerous projects related to image processing and autonomous control systems.

Our partners