We design, build, and verify mechatronic systems…

Where standard solutions are unsuitable or cannot meet the specific customer needs, we provide the skill and expertise to design, implement, integrate, and verify complex mechatronic systems. Our systems excel in design, development and delivery of state-of-the-art, high quality solutions.


We offer the capability to design and construct robots that serve various practical purposes, such as quality control, assembly, and measurement.

Custom-made solutions

We provide custom-made solutions to industry and commercial partners. Working closely with our customers, we cater to each individual need.

Computer vision

We develop and implement methods for processing, analyzing, and understanding the image data in industrial applications.

Complex perspective

Our complex solutions are not just a bundle of functions. We put a great emphasis on clean design, robustness, and perfect functionality of the whole systems.

Embedded systems

We realize embedded devices for specified purposes, starting with the schematic design and ending with tailor-made software and testing.

Commitment to quality

We test rigorously to maintain the highest quality of our products; we do not outsource any aspect of the research and development process.

Partner testimonials

'I have been working with members of the RCE team for several years on Robocar project. The outstanding quality, and the brilliant creativity of all the work performed by these people is positively among the best available in the industry. At this time, they set up their own business and it is pleasure for me to give them my personal recommendation.'

Tomáš Ondráček, Ph.D., Co-founder of the ARTIN company

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